Welcome to CC-licensed!

This first post is to welcome and thank you for your visit. As the title shows, this blog is about Creative Commons and the multidisciplinary wide range of works (music, photography, books…) you can find in the Internet under those licenses.

For both, those already interested in this subject and those who never heard about Creative Com… (what?!) I’ll try my best to take a deep look on this world taking latest news and updates of what is going on in the ‘copyleft world’. Hopefully, you’ll also find elaborated posts about the topic I’m already working in.

By the way, I did not introduce myself: my name is Oriol Salvador, I’m from Barcelona (Spain) but I’m now living in Kamloops, a little town in the interior of British Columbia (Canada). I’m a Journalism student specially interested in arts & entertainment. This blog starts as a project for one two of my courses this semester but I hope it may go beyond (with your help?).

This is all about sharing so if you have information about Creative Commons or outstanding CC-licensed work to share, please DO! You can leave a comment on this post or in the contact page. The blog is going to be working at 100% sometime soon.


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