Creative Commons 10th anniversary #cc10

Image found at CIPIT (Strathmore University) blog

Image found at CIPIT (Strathmore University) blog

If you landed in this blog post by chance and never heard about Creative Commons before, you missed your chance to celebrate its 10th birthday last month. As part of the party, on December 6-17th three posts were published daily in a website specially created for the occasion: from a review of document-sharing platform Scrib (with 80% of CC-licensed content) to the explanatory video of CC Qatar or the usage of Creative Commons licenses as for open government resources, among others. The celebrations were taking place offline too, with parties all over the world: Costa Rica, Germany, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zeland…

Summarizing its history, Creative Commons was founded in 2001, supported by the Center for the Public Domain. Inspired by the emerging free software products the first Creative Commons licenses, which where known as Version 1.0 licenses, where released in December 2002. In a year, around a million of CC licenses were used and version 2.0 licenses arrived in 2004, when the number of licensed works were 4.7 million. These licenses landed in the science field in 2005, raising 20 million licensed works in total by 2006, and dedicated projects in the education field started in 2007.

By 2009, Wikipedia adopted CC Attribution-ShareAlike as its main content license. The CC Affialiate Network consists nowadays on more than a hundred affiliates working in over 70 jurisdictions to support and promote the Creative Commons activities. In 2011, YouTube launched a CC Attribution license that in July 2012 reached 4 million of videos licensed. Al Jazzera also uses Creative Commons licenses in its repository and over 200 million CC-licensed images are on Flickr.

CC Costa Rica wishes a Feliz cumpleaños (Happy birthday) to Creative Commons - photo by damph

CC Costa Rica wishes Happy birthday to Creative Commons. Photo by damph.

Back to the birthday celebrations, as mentioned previously, by the end of 2012 parties were held by CC-lovers worldwide, from San José (Costa Rica) to Jakarta (Indonesia) along San Francisco (United Stades) and Cape Town (South Africa). This group on Flickr gives a taste of the parties, events and fun they had.

To finish the late birthday wishes and this post you may want to listen the European musical tribute to Creative Commons 10 years that Free Music Archive brings to our ears. I may review this or other mixtapes I found on this arichive, soon.

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