“Copyright, or the right to copy” (¡Copiad, malditos!)

Copyright, or the right to copy (¡Copiad, malditos!)

As a first approach to copyright, intelectual property and copyleft issues, to watch “Copyright, or the right to copy” or ¡Copiad, malditos! (original title), may be useful. This is a documentary co-produced by elegant mob films and Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), national Spanish broadcasting organisation, in April 2011.

For the first time in their history, RTVE was showing a production under Creative Commons license (Attribution-Non Commercial), first on their regular programming and later on their website.

After the broadcast on TV, the documentary and all its content – soundtrack, full interviews… – was made available trhough copiadmalditos.net not only in Spanish but also with French or English subtitles, to watch, download or use it for derivate works.

As the documentary director and producer, Stéphane M. Grueso (@fanetin), explains right at the start, it is not only an approach to copyright, intelectual property and copyleft issues but also a real project itself, documenting how difficult was to get all the permisions to be able to produce it under Creative Commons. This blog saved the testimony of the production process.

The documentary includes interviews with lawyers experts in intellectual property, Javier de la Cueva (@jdelacueva)José Manuel Tourné (@JoseTourne) and David Bravo (@dbravo); Creative Commons Spain representative Ignasi Labastida (@ignasi); Journalist and blooger Ignacio Escolar (@iescolar); writer Lorenzo Silva (@VilaSilva); activist Simona Levi (@X_net), or the journalist and manager of the netlabel Autoreverse, Elena Cabrera (@elenac), among others.

There are two more innovative projects in the documentary you may want to find more about: “The Cosmonaut” (El Cosmonauta) is a sci-fi on-production movie that is being funded by crowdfunding, with producers who have contributed with € 2 (minimum), and El Traficante de Sueños is an alternative publishing company.

Finally, if you’re not Spanish or familiar with the intellectual property issues in Spain, you need a brief explanation about this: Ley Sinde was an anty-piracy download law enacted by the former Culture Minister of Spain, Àngeles González Sinde.

Moreover, SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores) is an organization that looks after songwriters, composers and publishers royalties in Spain. The organization faced corruption cases months after the release of the documentary.

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