Girl Talk – “All Day” (Illegal Art, 2010)

The game is tough. Only literate music listeners from old and new music stuff will be able to complete the challenge. But you can give it a go. Maybe not by yourself, invite friends on a Friday night. This is probably the best time to play this game.

Girl Talk - All Day

Girl Talk’s “All Day” is available under Creative Commons license (BY-NC)

The term mashup refers, in the music vocabulary, to songs created by blending pre-recorded songs to make a new one. You can find that with no more than two songs – where usually the vocals of one song are combined with the instrumental of another – or you can find music creations done from samples of several songs.

One of the current masters in the mashup universe is the American Gregg Gillis, better known worldwide by the feminine nickname Girl Talk. He is not a DJ, not a rockstar, but something in between and he has travelled the globe making people dance with music creations built from samples of old and new music hits. This is what the game is about.

His latest work, “All Day” it’s being around since 2010, released by the sample-based music label Illegal Art,  but if your ears haven’t enjoyed yet, you should listen to this gem of 372 different samples played in 71 minutes.

Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ in the same track; Ramones featuring Missy Elliot and The Doors; latin international lover Pitbull along Depeche Mode and Kid Cudi and the list goes on and on… In total, 12-tracks compose this mashup creation but they can be listen and enjoyed as a whole.  Identify all of the samples used in each track of the album is not an easy task but, as said before, you can just try it. The official samples list, in alphabetical order, may help.

Legally, mashups are protected from the copyright laws under the “fair use” idea and Gillis later release is a work under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-Noncommercial) and you can download MP3 digital versions of “All Day” and all previous Girl Talk‘s releases from Illegal Art website for your entertainment. Enjoy the game!

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