Are YouTube ‘Featured Tracks’ under Creative Commons licenses?

This question was found on Twitter, Sam Walker (@swalker2) from Winston-Salem (North Carolina) was considering for his project to use the featured tracks that YouTube Video Editor offers through what is called AudioSwap.

He asked if those tracks are licensed under Creative Commons.

— Sam Walker (@swalker2) February 19, 2013

Dear Sam, they are not. As reported by Suzanne Choney on NBC News:

“It’s free to use, and it’s legal; YouTube (owned by Google) has the rights to the music (…).”

It is free to use and it’s legal only on YouTube but if you want to give a wider distribution to your project and work with Creative Commons, you can either use the CCmixer playlist from Creative Commons website or find more than 30,000 tracks at the Free Music Archive available under Creative Commons licenses, allowing “derivative works.”

Hopefully, this is a useful tip for you, Sam, and other users with a similar concern.

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