Vincent Moon c’est Creative Commons!

Picture by Antje Taiga Jandrig (Wikimedia Commons)

Picture by Antje Taiga Jandrig (Wikimedia Commons)

Mathieu Saura, better known as Vincent Moon, is one of the greatest and more respected filmmakers you can find, nowadays, licensing his work under Creative Commons, allowing its use and remix for derivate works.

His work is available for free on Internet, he is a nomade artist building an audience in the social networks platforms and keeping his projects alive by donations, what is also known as crowdfunding.

Early on his career, not using Creative Commons yet, he became known adapting filmmaking style cinema verité to document bands playing one or few songs off the stage, on acoustic, in the streets, parks, flats…  anywhere.

This music video subgenre was named Concert à Emporter or Take Away Shows and started in La Blogothèque. The list of bands Moon’s lenses captured includes: Arcade Fire, Phoenix, REM, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, St. Vincent or Bon Iver.

More filmmakers came after him adapting the idea of take away shows worldwide. From Spanish venusplutón! to Canadian Green Couch Sessions, to only name a few. By then, Moon was more focused on profile artists’ creative process in full-lenght films under Creative Commons licenses. “An Island” and “Esperando el Tsunami” presented an unorthodox way of distribution: official public-private screenings, promoted through the website, that people could attend or host.

Furthermore, in the music label Petites Planètes, Moon and his friends collect the music from artists he met worldwide. This collection includes not only videos releases, but also audio files available on Bandcamp. As an example, Peret is one of the greatest exponents of ‘catalan rumba’ and Moon got the chance to met through his colleagues in Barcelona (Spain).

If you had not enough, you can find more videos, under chronological order, from early 2000’s till now, in his website  and, placed in a world map, in the interactive portfolio Temporary Areas. He also has a photoblog: Photos from the Moon.

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