Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival

To create derivative works from texts, photographs or films is not uncommon but if we apply this to an event, such a film festival, it may sounds odd. About three years ago, Barcelona city had its first Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival (BccN) under an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.


Poster for the Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival (NCCFF), from August 30th to September 8th, 2013

¡Copia este festival! (Copy this festival!) is their motto. The festival encoruages other cities to create derivate festivals. They provide content, selection of movies in HD, recordings of panel discussions, festival’s graphic image… and the local organizations create their own event from it.

Derivate festivals have being held in Spanish cities (Porcuna and Madrid) and beyond: Buenos Aires (Argentina) or Helsinki (Finland), to name just a few.

There is a new CC Film Festival announced for this summer, in the week from August 30th to September 8th. Based in Stockholm (Sweeden), the Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival (NCCFF) will screen CC-licensed films from all over the world and host interesting seminars over alternatives ways of production, funding and distribution in the digital age.Political activist Lawrence Lessig introduces you to this event:

Main Scandinavian cities will be the festival’s “official venues” and a competition will be organized with the best Nordic Creative Commons productions under the categories of short films, documentaries, animation…

If you have a film production under Creative Commons licence you can submit it to the festival before June, 30th. Furthermore, the festival encourages you to host a screening, which is not only for big venues, you just need the appropiate technical equipment and bring together more than five people to be active part of the festival.

Finally, NCCFF is also looking for sponsors and partners.

To keep updated about the Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival follow their Facebook or Twitter.

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