“¡Qué bueno que viniste!” Argentina will host upcoming CC Global Summit 2013

General San Martín sculpture at Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Photo by Guillermo Esteves (BY-NC-SA)

General San Martín sculpture at Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Photo by Guillermo Esteves (BY-NC-SA)

A new event related with Creative Commons was announced on the last day of February: in 2013, the biannual summit of Creative Commons lovers worldwide will be hosted in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by the end of August, from the 21st to the 24th.

The hosts Who will say to attendants “¡Qué bueno que viniste!” (Glad you came!, a common Argentinian expression) will be the two organizations from Argentinian Creative Commons affiliate team.

Since March 2012, Fundación Vía Libre and Wikimedia Argentina are supporting Creative Commons licenses and advocating for free culture or copyleft and providing a “necessary debate on Intellectual Property Law in Argentina, offering legal alternatives which are viable, sustainable and which propose a model of creation and circulation of culture based on diversity”. You can find a roadmap and more information about their activities on their Wikimedia page.

The three-day-long event will take place at the Centro Cultural San Martín (Sarmiento 1551) in a city, Buenos Aires, with a lot of potential in its culture industry and some interesting open access projects. For the first time, too, the Creative Commons Global Summit will take place in a Spanish-speaking country.

The Creative Commons main board and members of all the affiliate teams will attend the gathering, including key stakeholders, local representatives and discussions around Creative Commons, its strengths, latest developments and many Argentinian and international projects using Creative Commons licenses.  The event will bring together Creative Commons affiliate teams from the around the world with the CC board, its staff, key stakeholders, local representatives, and others interested in the present and future of the commons. Attendees will discuss strategies to strengthen Creative Commons and its worldwide community, learn about the latest developments in the commons movement worldwide, and showcase local and international projects that use Creative Commons licences. The event is free and will be streamed online.

Oh! Final tip if you’re considering attend it: August is not summertime in the Southern Hemisphere, leave your sunscreen at home.

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