The 2nd Open Education Week begins!

Open Education Week. March 11-15, 2013. Photo from

Open Education Week takes place on March 11-15, 2013.

Get your calendar or daily agenda close to you before keep reading this: in its second annual edition, the Open Education Week starts next Monday, March 11st, till Friday 15ht. As both, an online and offline event and seminars online (webinars) are organized worldwide for roundtable discussions, training sessions and lectures about research and other initiatives.

What is Open Education? Educational networks, open teaching and learning materials, open textbooks, open data, open scholarship, other open-source educational tools… All these is Open Education. Summarizing, it is a set of practices that promote the access to education anywhere, any time, through Open Educational Resources (OER) that allow learners to share, use and reuse knowledge.

Under this concept of education, Creative Commons licences play a main role on keeping authors’ work recognized while making their work more accessible and reusable. This is why main CC staff and many affiliate teams are getting so involved in the Open Education Week, with seminars about the version 4.0 of the CC licences or the Open Policy Network, among others.

From the Netherlands, Anka Mulder, Secretary General of Delft University of Technology and President of the OpenCourseWare, a free and open digital publication of high quality college and university‐level educational materials that organizes this event has this welcome message.

To not miss any of the activities, the schedule available on their website through the app Sched, which has a very handy for smartphones and can be connected to social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Notice that it in GMT/UTC time and activities are color coded: Light blue (Local Events), Dark blue (Webinar -Research and Initiatives), Yellow (Webinar – Roundtable Discussion) or Red (Webinar -Training Session).

What are you attending? What do you recommend? Share and comment this post hereTwitter or Facebook!


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