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Are YouTube ‘Featured Tracks’ under Creative Commons licenses?

This question was found on Twitter, Sam Walker (@swalker2) from Winston-Salem (North Carolina) was considering for his project to use the featured tracks that YouTube Video Editor offers through what is called AudioSwap.

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Creative Commons licensed tweets?

With all the privacy policies changing in social networks such as Facebook or Instagram you may never considered the option of licensing your tweets under a Creative Commons, did you? Tracking Creative Commons-related tweets I found this one from @holikawAll my tweets are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. As you can find out, the tweet is linking to the License Deed.

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How to Attribute Creative Commons images in your blog properly?

To start the FAQ section, while nobody dare to share their doubts (do you?), a concern you and other users may have is how to correctly attribute CC-licensed images when you’re using them, for example, in a blog post. According to Foter blog more than 90% of Creative Commons photos are not attributed at all and less than 10% are attributed properly. To solve it out, they created an amazing info-graphic that will banish your doubts.

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Welcome to CC-licensed!

This first post is to welcome and thank you for your visit. As the title shows, this blog is about Creative Commons and the multidisciplinary wide range of works (music, photography, books…) you can find in the Internet under those licenses.

For both, those already interested in this subject and those who never heard about Creative Com… (what?!) I’ll try my best to take a deep look on this world taking latest news and updates of what is going on in the ‘copyleft world’. Hopefully, you’ll also find elaborated posts about the topic I’m already working in.

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