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Open Movie Project: “Tears of Steel”

Official poster for Blender Foundation's "Tears of Steel" (CC-BY)

Official poster for Blender Foundation’s “Tears of Steel” (CC-BY)

The visual effects of “Tears of Steel” have nothing to envy big sci-fi film productions from major cinema companies that collapse theatres worldwide. However, this shortfilm was not produced in Hollywood but in the Netherlands, was developed through open software and has not follow an usual circuti of distribution for this kind of productions, instead, can be found entirely online and purchased on a DVD with extra content.

This 12-minutes shortfilm, online released on September 2012, is the fourth open movie production by Dutch studio for open 3D projects Blender Institute. An independent production financed by its online community through crowdfunding and the support of the Netherlands Film Fund, Ginegrid consortium corporate sponsors such as Google.

The project was an incentive to develop a free and open source pipeline for visual effects in film industry, which uses the creation software Blender 3D, developed by this institute. Following the philosophy of a true open movie, the final production and all the material developed on the filmmaking process is released under Creative Commons licences, so other filmmakers can study and reproduce the details of the creation process. Continue reading


Are YouTube ‘Featured Tracks’ under Creative Commons licenses?

This question was found on Twitter, Sam Walker (@swalker2) from Winston-Salem (North Carolina) was considering for his project to use the featured tracks that YouTube Video Editor offers through what is called AudioSwap.

He asked if those tracks are licensed under Creative Commons. Continue reading

Creative Commons 10th anniversary #cc10

Image found at CIPIT (Strathmore University) blog

Image found at CIPIT (Strathmore University) blog

If you landed in this blog post by chance and never heard about Creative Commons before, you missed your chance to celebrate its 10th birthday last month. As part of the party, on December 6-17th three posts were published daily in a website specially created for the occasion: from a review of document-sharing platform Scrib (with 80% of CC-licensed content) to the explanatory video of CC Qatar or the usage of Creative Commons licenses as for open government resources, among others. The celebrations were taking place offline too, with parties all over the world: Costa Rica, Germany, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zeland…

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