#MP3Tribute: 100 CC-licensed albums

Words and projects remembering Aaron Swartz‘s legacy are all over the Internet. In his memory, the DJ, hacker and electronic musician Jairus Khan started the #MP3Tribute, where he wants to collect over a 100 CC-licensed music albums to release on Swartz’s memory, for his involvement in the first steps of Creative Commons licences.

List of songs currently available at the #MP3Tribute for you to listen &/or download

List of songs currently available at the #MP3Tribute for you to listen and/or download under BY-NC-ND licence.

The idea is simple: Khan is asking artists to contribute with their work, which should be “commercially available at some point” but NOT already released under Creative Commons or any other similar open licence.

By contributing, artists would make those albums, that previously were illegal to copy, available to audiences worldwide under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivates (BY-NC-ND) licence.

So far, Khan collected over 15 different styles albums: from the dark music from Crack Nation to the hip-hop of Jesse Dangerously or the folk by H.U.M.A.N.W.I.N.E., and many other sounds in between.

To find the whole list of songs, which is hopefully going to be updated sometime soon, go to the website and scroll down. You can pre-listen a song and download the full album in a .zip file. You can also sign in a mailing list, bellow the songs list, to receive a Torrent for easy download of all the albums, regardless of the collection achieving a hundred or not, which hopefully will.

If you are an artists willing to release an album under Creative Commons for this project, contact him at jairus@mp3tribute.com.

Jairus Khan is a DJ, electronic musician, hacker, web designer and promoter of underground music, arts, and media, based in Toronto (Canada). You can read his writing at Restraint or listen to his electronic music creations in Ad·ver·sary.

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